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The Law Office of J.P. Garcia will address concerns about your case right away so you have a practical path forward.

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From DWI to a traffic ticket, no legal issue comes without some fear and misconceptions. Will the process turn out in my favor? Will my attorney do what is best for me? To answer these questions, you must find an attorney whom you can trust.

The Law Office of J.P. Garcia has over a decade of experience handling sensitive legal matters with care. His personal, one-on-one approach to your case ensures that your needs are addressed at a level you can understand.

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

DWI, hunting violations, and expunctions.

Protect Your Rights
Family Law

Family Law

Resolve your family’s dispute.

End The Conflict
Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Hurt in an accident?

Get Compensation

Focused On Results

Nothing matters more than the outcome of your case. When you work with attorney J.P. Garcia, you will receive useful advice right away as you work toward the best resolution possible.

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J.P. Garcia’s Philosophy

Mr. Garcia is ready to use his skills and ability to affect positive change in your life. He combines his blue-collar work ethic with carefully applied legal strategies to achieve results for you.

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