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An Expungement Can Help You

Background checks are more and more common. A past criminal arrest or charge will show up on a background check and could derail important opportunities in your life.

The good news is: Texas expunction laws can provide a vehicle for seeking to expunge or seal a criminal record. State laws determine whether or not you are eligible for an expunction or order of non-disclosure.

Attorney J.P. Garcia can examine your situation to help you determine if you are eligible. Mr. Garcia provides knowledgeable criminal law representation to clients in Uvalde County and throughout surrounding areas.

Defending Against Probation Violations

If you were granted probation and have now been accused of violating your probation, Mr. Garcia can provide you with the strong defense representation you need.

Mr. Garcia will examine all potential defense strategies, taking into account factors in your life such as financial hardship and family obligations.

Discuss Your Legal Needs With A Knowledgeable Criminal Law Attorney

When you are seeking an expunction of a criminal record or defending against probation violation accusations, defense lawyer J.P. Garcia is here for you. To schedule your initial consultation, contact the firm by telephone at 830-261-4751 or online by filling out a brief contact form.