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Protecting Texas Hunting Traditions

If you have been cited or arrested for a hunting violation, it is important that you take action to protect yourself right away. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Code and the Texas Penal Code impose strict penalties on hunters who are convicted of a hunting violation. In many cases, you could receive a severe criminal punishment in addition to confiscation of property and loss of your hunting license. With these strict penalties in mind, The Law Office of J.P. Garcia stands ready to protect you.

Attorney J.P. Garcia is based locally in Uvalde. He grew up in southwest Texas and understands the cultural traditions of sportsmen, hunters and outdoorsmen alike. Hunters play an important role in managing the state’s ecosystem, and Mr. Garcia will work to protect your ability to continue these traditions in the future.

Mr. Garcia takes on all hunting violation cases, including:

  • Prohibited acts
  • Hunting at night
  • Hunting with a light
  • Hunting from a public road
  • Taking wildlife without consent
  • Exceeding game limits
  • Hunting without a license
  • Mishandling firearms
  • Misuse of a motor vehicle
  • Trespass or use of land without permission or permit

Violations Can Result In Confiscation Of Your Hunting Equipment

Game wardens sometimes inspect or confiscate any of the following or similar items they believe may have been used to commit a hunting violation:

  • Licenses, permits and tags
  • Outdoor recreational vehicles
  • Firearms, bows and ammunition
  • Binoculars, hunting blinds and tree stands
  • Traps, decoys and scented sprays
  • Deer or animal mounts
  • Harvested animal meat
  • Storage and waste containers

Protect Yourself. Call Today.

Do not risk your hunting tradition. You could lose your license, your property and your freedom if you do not take action to protect yourself. Attorney J.P. Garcia will answer all of your questions directly and work to get you the best result possible for your situation.

Call now for an appointment. Dial 830-261-4751 or use our online form to get in touch with Mr. Garcia today.